How to Prepare Your Home for a Storm

How to Prepare Your Home for a Storm

They always say two things in life are for sure: death and taxes. But, here at Royal Home Improvement, we think they should add storms to that list. If one thing is for certain, we see a lot of storm damage and know how you can prepare your home to weather the storm. No matter where you live, whether you’re on the coast, in tornado alley or up north, one thing is certain – we all get hit with inclement weather. We have just what you need so you can stay comfortable, safe and secure during a storm.

Durable metal roofing

Storms can often rip shingles off roofs, and roofs off of homes. But metal roofing? Not a chance. Hail damage? Doesn’t stand a chance. Wind? Metal roofing can withstand winds up to 140-miles-per-hour. Have we mentioned storms don’t stand a chance against our metal roofing? While branches and wind tend to do the most damage to roofs and siding, our Decra residential metal roofing provides extreme weather protection for your home. And right now we’re offering 25% off metal roofing (ends March 31, 2018). Now is the best time to prepare your home to be a safe place for you and your family.

CertainTeed Monogram Siding

Our siding is specifically designed to stand up to severe weather. So much so that CertainTeed Monogram Siding from Royal Home Improvement Specialists is ranked #1 by consumer reports. Protect your home all the way around with durable siding. Right now, buy three walls, and get the fourth wall free (ends March 31, 2018)!


If your gutters have seen better days, it’s time to replace them. Gutters that don’t drain properly can end up costing you more in the long run due to water damage to your roof, siding, insulation, landscaping, foundation and so much more. Help your home be ready to face heavy rain storms with gutters that can handle the weather by quickly and properly moving water away from your home. In the meantime, be sure to clean them out to avoid overflow during a storm.

Hurricane strength windows

Windows can often break during storms due to high winds and objects penetrating them. Our ThemoKing windows are built to last. These windows can weather the storm and keep your home dry, safe and comfortable. Our windows are made with two pieces of tempered safety glass that do not allow water and wind to pass through these windows. The seal will not break if hit repeatedly by strong force, which will prevent water and debris from entering your home. These are the highest quality replacement windows on the market. And for a limited time, windows are buy three, get one free (ends March 31, 2018)! And, when you schedule and complete your free consultation, you’ll be entered to win FREE windows for your entire house!

If you’re wanting to make sure your home can handle the elements and is prepared to keep your family safe, call Royal Home Improvement Specialists today (877) 85ROYAL!

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